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The Water Hog cleans and repairs both water tanks and water troughs so that you don’t have to. Choose the experts at trough and water tank maintenance to keep your water supplies safe for consumption all year round. Keeping your water tanks free from bacteria and contamination should be a priority to allow your drinking and useable water to be deemed safe. The Ministry of Health recommends annual inspections and cleaning of your water tanks, with extra cleans as necessary depending on the quality of your water and environment. Contamination of tank water can easily be caused by leaves, soil, debris, wood ash, agricultural spray drift, as well as dead animals and animal faeces. All of this unsanitary build-up inside your tank can create harmful bacteria - which your livestock or own family could be drinking!
If you need water tank and water trough cleaning in the Taranaki area, contact the experts today.

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Water Tank Cleaning + Repairs

Consuming contaminated water can cause serious illness and is particularly dangerous for infants and those with compromised immunity as it can contain harmful germs such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella and E coli. Both Summer and Winter are ideal times to get your water tank cleaned. We can also arrange to have 14 000L of clean drinking water delivered promptly to get you back up and running again in no time! We also repair cracks in water tanks for a comprehensive tank maintenance service.

Trough Cleaning + Repairs

We clean out sludge and build up in troughs on your farm, ensuring your animals are drinking safe clean water for optimum production and overall health. Supplying clean water for your animals is not optional, as most farmers are well aware. Keeping your animals healthy is paramount for running a farm that meets government standards and the expected well-being of all animals in your care. We make that easy with our thorough trough cleaning and repair service, sorting out any cracks in the trough and removing any nasty build-up that your animals could be consuming.

Water Tank Cleaning
Water Tank Repairs
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